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Moral Messages of Life from The 355 Film

Moral Messages of Life from The 355 Film – The existence of various moral messages has indeed become one of the components that must be included in a film. The 355 is the latest film by director Simon Kinberg which conveys a strong feminism message. The reason is, the film depicts the story of five female agents from various countries, who work together to seize secret weapons that can disrupt the world.

This film highlights the tough side of women who are able to have good martial arts skills and knowledge. Not only that, there are other good lessons and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can learn from the film The 355. Curious? Check out the full review below.

1. The enemy of your enemy is your friend

The female agents in this film are not teammates at first. They work for agencies in their respective countries so they can be called enemies. However, the depiction of the enemy in this film turns out to be more complex by presenting another figure who becomes their main enemy. With the same goal, then they finally become teammates to conquer the main enemy.

2. Feeling afraid is normal

The difficulty of the mission that must be faced clearly raises fear for some agents. However, it was definitely a natural thing. This is reinforced by an interesting quote from movieon21 one of the scenes. “Feeling afraid is a natural thing. Not feeling afraid is actually not natural because it doesn’t sound like a characteristic of human nature.” That’s roughly the quote from the film.

3. The key to success is cooperation

If you look at the poster for this film, a slogan about cooperation is clearly written, namely “Work Together or Die Alone”. Well, the principle in this slogan is described in a very epic way in the story of The 355. Five female spies from several countries, fight to reclaim a secret weapon that can destabilize the world. They work together even though they are not a team, they can even be considered as enemies to each other.

Although initially they worked alone for the sake of their respective countries, but by working together, it turns out that their similar goals can be realized more quickly. That means that cooperation is very important as a weapon in realizing success.

4. Women are able to be equal to men

The message about feminism in this film is also quite thick. The reason is, each female agent in this team has their own expertise. Starting from martial arts skills, qualified knowledge, leadership, to the ability to control technology. The number 355 itself is taken from the nickname “Agent 355” belonging to a female spy who was very instrumental in the American Revolution when the people of that country rebelled against British colonialism.

5. Connection is an important thing that you must have

You can see not only in the real world, a description of how important a connection or relationship is in the scope of work, you can also see in the movie The 355. You can get a job or support for promotion from the strength of a connection you have. Therefore, it is natural that in real life, relationships are important things that must be expanded for the sake of betting in the future. You can imitate the attitude of the agents in this regard, you know!